The word you're looking for is quirky.


Normal Adjacent was created by me, LaRae LaBouff, in an attempt to capture things in the world that may appear normal at first glance, but given a second look, you realize you may be peering through the Looking Glass.

My inspiration is my life, which is not quite typical. I'm married but have no children. I have a degree in film and media, but I've worked in advertising, as a histotechnologist in a medical lab, and now writing. I'm a proud member of lifetime-nerd culture. My favorite band is a rock band, but they're a sci-fi concept band. I live in Maine. On the outside I appear like a slightly short, carefree woman. Facebook perfect, just like everyone else. But on the inside I have weird, uncommon health issues and personality quirks that make people love me or hate me. 

I stand beside the average person, but am not quite one among them. I am normal-adjacent.

Looking for more professional info? You can find my resume here.