Dear Humanity,

Our nation has decided it was too much to see a black man in the White House. He signified the end of the white majority. He signified tolerance and acceptance of all people regardless of their skin color, ancestry, religion, gender and sexuality. For the white majority, it was too much.

So, while they still can, the white majority flipped its collective middle finger to prove they still have the power. They still have the ability to loathe anyone who looks different or believes differently.

The people have spoken. They want a despot. They want a predator. They want someone who will scream injustice on behalf of those who already receive the most justice.

Even as a white woman, I am in mourning today.

I mourn for the children. I fear that as much as some parents will try to teach them right from wrong, the most powerful man in the world will be their worst influence.

I mourn for women. I fear they will no longer control their futures or their bodies. I fear that sexual harassment will again become the norm and there will be few repercussions. I fear their right to abortion will be repealed, that they will have to turn to back alleys, coat hangers, infection or death.

I mourn for the black community. I fear they will continue to be incarcerated at unjustifiably alarming rates. That is, the ones who survive that long. I fear they will be hunted, and their killings wrongly justified.

I mourn for latinxs. I fear that they will face discrimination no matter their citizenship. I fear they will feel the need to constantly look over their shoulders. I fear they will be further separated from their families, whether by a physical wall or an invisible border.

I mourn for the children of Abraham who worship God in a way that is unacceptable to white evangelicals. I fear for the women as they walk in their hijab. I fear for the men whose brown skin marks them as a terrorist as much as God marked Cain. I fear for the Jewish men and women whose people have already suffered too much.

I mourn for the LGBTQ community, who have only recently begun to win their civil rights. I fear that not only will those rights be rescinded, they will lose any inkling of person-hood. I fear they will be gunned down in the streets for being who they were born to be.

I mourn for love. I fear that it has indeed been trumped by hate.